Malleus Dei – The Hammer of God

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Daily life, Just War, Middle East
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There will always be evil in the world and there will always be the Hammer of God (Malleus Dei).  Malleus Dei was one of my son’s favorite Latin phrases.  My son, SSG Darrell Griffin, Jr.  drew this picture when he was very young.  I still have it in my office.  On the side of his combat helmet, while serving in Iraq he wrote post tenbras lux, Latin for after darkness, light.  He was always optimistic that the Hammer of God would prevail over evil. He was killed in Iraq March 21, 2007, but he lives on in the hearts of a lot of people.


I will be posting weekly postings of “Last Journey – A Father and Son in Wartime” weekly for the next several weeks.  It chronicles the life of an incredible son and an incredible soldier – My son Darrell (Skip) Griffin, Jr.

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