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I went to Las Vegas with my lovely wife Kim, my daughter Alexis, son Jordan and Alexis boyfriend, Jeff. It has been about 10 years since I was in LV and wow has it changed.  I remember when you could go to the casinos downtown and get a huge shrimp bowl for two dollars and snag a buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner for $5 bucks.  Not any more.  We stayed at Treasurer Island and had their buffet for one night.  It cost $29 each. Now every hotel charges a resort fee of about $25 a night.  It is for internet, use of the gym and discounts for their buffets.  The internet never worked the the $25 resort fee was a waste of money.

Treasure Island

We ventured out to the Venetian for their $60 buffet.  It was better but it didn’t measure up to the old $5 buffets 10 years ago.  I am a big time gambler.

The $60 Buffet

After dinner one night I went down stairs to the casino and was delighted when I noticed my favorite gambling device – the penny slots.  I thought wow! Some things don’t change.  I planted myself in front of a machine that I just knew was going to make me penny rich.  I couldn’t find the handle to pull.  Now they are electronic.  I also noticed there was no tray at the bottom of the machine to catch my winnings.  Again, the are now all electronic.  Okay, I felt I could live with that although I used to love the sound of all those coins falling in the tray when you got all “7’s”.  I slid my $20 dollar bill into the electronic slot and a few electronic bells and whistles went off to make me feel good.  I started to play a penny but found the least I could bet was 40 cents.  Although there are still penny slots in LV their minimum bets are 40 cents.  Well it took the machine about ten minutes to take my entire gambling stake of $20.

We did see a really cool trained animal show “Popovich’s Animal Comedy Show.”  Just like my high stakes gambling we reached for the top shelf when we picked the show we wanted to see.

Theatre at the Venetian

We did see one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen when we drove downtown.  It was called the Cleveland Brain Center.

After spending three days in LV we took the 5 hour drive home.  First thing I did was take a shower to wash the LV coating off my body.

LV Brain Center BuildingLV Brain Center Building - 2

Although I did not particularly enjoy LV, I totally enjoyed the time spent with my family.

June 7 is National Doughnut Day. Whether you’re partial to the cream-filled, glazed, jelly or chocolate varieties, the doughnut is something near and dear to so many of us.

I did my part to celebrate Nathan Doughnut Day.  Today is my son, Jordan’s last day of school so I got 3 dozen doughnuts at Earl’s Donuts in Northridge, CA.  If you are in the area they are on Devonshire Blvd, near Mason Ave.  Support your local donut shop.

The Salvation Army established this sweet holiday in 1938 to raise funds during the Great Depression and honor the “lassies,” as they called the female volunteers, who supported the soldiers on the front lines during World War I, serving them delicious meals, and of course, doughnuts. Approximately 250 “lassies” provided assistance to American soldiers in France in 1917.

Fast forward to 2013 and many national chains and smaller shops are offering free doughnuts to celebrate.


Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme will be giving away a free doughnut of any variety to every customer at participating locations, while supplies last. No purchase necessary.

Dunkin’ Donuts

At Dunkin’ Donuts , customers will receive a free doughnut with any beverage purchase. The chain’s much-buzzed about Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich also makes it debut on the permanent menu at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants today. The 360-calorie sandwich features bacon and a pepper fried egg on a glazed yeast ring donut. (If you try one, let us know what you think in the comments!)

Tim Hortons

The chain is offering a free doughnut with any purchase on Friday.

LaMar’s Donuts

LaMar’s is giving away one free doughnut per person with no purchase necessary. Plus, a portion of this week’s sales are being donated to The Salvation Army to the Oklahoma tornado relief effort. (Eat well and do good!)


For the third year in a row, Entenmann’s will donate $1 to the Salvation Army for every new “Like” on the company’s Facebook page through June 15, up to $30,000. You can also enter for a chance to win free Entenmann’s doughnuts for a year.

Be sure to check your local and regional doughnut shops for more special promotions and fried freebies.  And don’t forget to be social. Pick up a box of doughnuts for co-workers and friends and post about it

Can’t get enough doughnuts? Check out the cronut, the half-croissant and half-doughnut hybrid, which is taking New York and the pastry world by storm.