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Believers Cannabis Guide – September 2020

Table of Contents

Preface 2
What is Cannabis? 7
2 Sins of Our Fathers 10
What do Major Religions say about Cannabis Use 15
Christian 16
Judaism 17
Islam 18
Buddhists 18
Sikhism 19
Taoism 19
Hinduism 19
Bahai 20
Mormonism (LDS Church) 20
Cannabis Myths 21
Cannabis Users 30
Big Pharmaceutical Companies and Cannabis 34
History of Cannabis 36
Cannabis: A Whole New Industry 45
The Weed that Started an Industry 47
The Valuable Parts of a Cannabis Plant 53
What Feeling are You Looking For? 59
The Two Families of Cannabis 66
It All Starts with the Seeds 68
The Business of Cannabis 70
Taxes, Government Compliance, and Illegality 73
Cultivation/Growing 75
Harvesting 88
Drying 90
Sorting 90
Curing 90
Distribution 90
Dispensaries 91
Delivery Services 99
Testing 100
Pet Supplies 101
Ready to Eat Foods 102
Other Ways People are Making Money with Cannabis 103
Consuming Cannabis 107
Basic Cannabis Equipment 107
Smoking 109
Bongs 116
One Hitters 118
Homemade Pipes 120
Vaporizers 121
Portable Dry Herb Vape Pens 123
Tinctures and Oils 124
Edibles 128
Pills and Tablets 132
Dabbing 133
Suppositories 145
Weed Etiquette 146
The Basics 147
Work 148
Home 149
In Public 151
Exercising High 152
Weed and Working Out 152
Weed and Yoga 154
Cannabis’ Health Related Issues 155
Weed Withdrawal 158
The Cannabis Industry and Social Responsibility 159
Do It Yourself (DIY) – Grow Your Own, Make Your Own 161
Gardening 161
Cooking with Cannabis 170
Make Your Own Medicine – The Fine Art of Tincture 175
Homemade Cannabis Suppositories 177
Making Cannabis Soap 177
Making Your Own Tea 178
Making Your Own Cannabis Oil Concentrates 179
Making Your Own Shatter. 179
Cannabis Resources 181
Putting A Bow On It 184

50 Smokin’ Hot Out-of-the-Box Cannabis Marketing Ideas – July 2020
The Five “P’s” of Marketing

God Think

Available Summer 2020

Order from http://www.quickeasyreads.com

The premise of  “God Think” is that we believe in a God we can not see or touch based on faith.  Hebrews 11:1 says ” Now faith is being sure2 of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see.” Faith is the kernel of creative thinking, creative thinking is the foundation of success.


Other Books in Development by Darrell:


Trouble Bound Cover - medium

Trouble Bound – completed and with the editors now

Two boys convicted and sentenced to life in prison for a crime that should have never happened – narrative non-fiction

Will be in bookstores during the Summer of 2020

Order from http://www.quickeasyreads.com

Nathan Ybanez and Erik Jensen were sentenced to life in prison without parole when they were both 16 and 17 years old.  They have been behind bars for 13 years. Nathan was sexually, physically and mentally abused by both his parents from a very young age.  Nathan killed his mother. Erik tried to help his friend, Nathan, to get through his abusive life. Erik helped clean up the crime scene.

Kids convicted of similar or worse crimes before and after Nathan’s and Erik’s conviction did not get life in prison without parole.

The Columbine school rampage happened 10 miles away from Erik and Nathans trial sites and 4 months before Erik’s trial, making adult jurors hungry to convict any kid suspected of committing a crime. It was exclusively, without judicial review, up to the district attorney if Erik and Nathan were tried as adults or juveniles under what is called “direct file.” If Nathan and Erik were tried as juveniles they would have been give a sentence of a few years of rehabilitation.

Only a couple of other countries, and the US, sentence juveniles to life in prison without parole.

It can happen to anyone. Once a person is arrested it is almost impossible to get out of legal system. The legal appeals system is structured to support convictions, not justice. Only 4% of convictions are successfully appealed.

The legal system is broken

When adults kill children they always get less punishment than when kids kill parents. D.A. can make wicked deals. The D.A. in Erik’s case made a deal with a third juvenile that helped Erik and Nathan clean up the crime scene to “get the goods on Erik.”  Time are changing and there is hope for Nathan and Erik.  Just this year the Supreme Court ruled that it was  unconstitutional to sentence juveniles to life in prison.


Business With A Purpose

The Business Bible for Christians wanting to start, manage, build and project a business. – Non-Fiction

600 pages – $34.95

ISBN – 978-1-4327-3565-4 – Outskirtspress

Available at all bookstores online and offline including http://www.quickeasyreads.com


Business with a Purpose is the book for you if you want to start and succeed in your own business, especially during stormy economic times. It gives you the tools to start, manage, grow and protect your new business. Business with a Purpose is actually two volumes in one. Volume 1 is Starting and Operating Your New Business. Volume 2 is Building Your New Business and Keeping Track of It. Business with a Purpose goes beyond the typical how-to guide or God wants you to be in business and be successful theme. It helps you, as an aspiring entrepreneur, to do a self evaluation and then helps you hone your creativity and shows you how to use it strategically in business. The overall theme of Business with a Purpose is to build on the three T’s (time, talent and treasures) that God gave you through creativity, good management, and minimizing risk.

There are a number of guerilla business building techniques explored that will add to your business building and management tool box.

Business with a Purpose is based on these three simple principles:

You have to get out of the boat before you can walk on water.

God will be there to help you when the economic seas are calm and when they are stormy.

The simple fact is you can’t be successful in business if you don’t start one.

Faith in God is a tremendous advantage in business. If you believe in God your faith will enhance your creativity and creativity is the primary advantage that new and small businesses have over big business. This same faith will serve as your foundation for moving into the unfamiliar waters of entrepreneurship and succeeding. If you have the desire to start your business and you have God as your partner then all you need is the proper business tool box to start your business. Business with a Purpose is that tool box. Many people want to start a business but don’t know where to start and they feel the odds are against them. There is also a widely held perception that it is almost impossible to be a good Christian and a successful businessperson. This could not be further from the truth. There are many examples of good Christian businessmen in the Bible, and there are many examples of contemporary businessmen that are Christians. The Bible is also very rich with principles and insights on how to build and conduct a successful God centered business.

Business with a Purpose has thirteen information packed chapters:

1) Introduction

2) Overview of Small Business in America

3) Some Basic Christian Principles for Business

4) Relevant Thoughts from Great Minds

5) Do You Really Want to be an Entrepreneur?

6) What Business Do You want to Start?

7) The Business Plan and Operating Your business

8) Forming Your Business

9)Financing Your Business

10) Keeping Track of Your Business

11) Creative Thinking in Business

12) Growing Your Business

13)Risk Management

What others have to say about Business with a Purpose:

Ron Blue, one of the most highly respected and widely published Christian writers today – “In my over 30 years of experience in starting my own businesses, as well as counseling others in starting theirs, I would have relished having this book.”

Dudley Rutherford, Senior Pastor, Shepherd of the Hills Church, Porter Ranch, CA (over 15,000 average attendance) – “Business with a Purpose is, in essence, a business bible.”

Rick Kasel, Pastor, Stewardship and Estate Planning, Shepherd of the Hills, Porter Ranch, CA – “Business with a Purpose uniquely addresses and connects the creativity in small business with the creator as the resource, and our relationship as Christians with that Creator.”

Sue Jesse, Vice President of Operations and Co-founder, Smart Post Sound, Burbank, CA – “I would think anyone would be foolish not to read this cover to cover if they were considering starting their own business.”


Last Journey

A Father and Son in Wartime

304 pages – $25.00

ISBN –  9-781934-633168 – Atlas and Co. Publishers

Available at all bookstores online and offline including http://www.quickeasyreads.com – Available in hardback, paperback and Kindle


Staff Sargeant Darrell “Skip” Griffin, Jr. was killed in action on March 21, 2007, during his second tour of duty in Iraq.  He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star with Valor for dragging an injured comrade to safety through heavy enemy gunfire.  At the time of his death, he and his father, Darrell Sr. were working on Last Journey that was an attempt to describe and make sense of the destruction he had seen in Iraq.  They were going to complete it when Skip returned home a few months later.

In face of Skip’s death, Darrell, Sr. vowed to finish the book himself.  He was given permission by General Petraeus to travel to Iraq and embed with Skip’s combat unit, witnessing the war close up.  Driven by a conviction that Americans don’t know enough about the war they have been fighting for the past six years, Last Journey is a firsthand account of what everyday life is like for combat soldiers in Iraq; it’s also an intimate portrait of a last son, a meditation on faith, and finally, a tribute to the lively philosophical debates the Griffins used to share.

Included is e-mail correspondence with Skip during the weeks before he died, as well as original photographs from the front lines.  Last Journey serves as a tragic reminders of the human cost of war.

Last Journey received incredible reviews from New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Sacramento Bee, CNN, Fox News and many other media outlets.  It was selected as one of the ten best non-fiction books by the editors of Barnes and Noble.


Infomercial Handbook

Everything You Can Learn About Christian Infomercials in 15 minutes

39 pages – $9.95

ISBN: 978-1-61061-206-7 Published by Easy Brain Labs, Inc.

Order from http://www.quickeasyreads.com

Infomercial Handbook


Christian Infomercials


Why Direct Response Works

Buying Time That Sells

What Makes These Times Most Attractive?

Finding The Right Audience

Looking For Good Values – Matching Times To The Demographics

Audience Demographics Who Buy Through Television

Product Selection

Production Format

The Offer

Use Of Celebrities


Fulfillment/Customer Service:  Backend Programs

Fulfillment/Customer Service:  Returns

Fulfillment/Customer Service:  Charge backs

Aftermarket Programs:  Continuity

Aftermarket Programs:  Retail

Life Cycle

Hit Rate

The Future



The Author



Based on the theory that people who believe in God (how ever you define God) are better creative thinkers that non-believers.  God Think (GT) is written from a Christian perspective since I am a Christian.  But most faiths believe in God.  So God Think is about believing in God, not in a particular faith.

God Think explores the copyrighted W.R.I.T.E. method of creative thinking”

W – Write down your goal, problem, issue, etc.

R – Research – gather research pertaining to your idea

I –  Ideas – generate lots of ideas about your goal

T – Tailor your list of ideas to mean your goal

E – Energize your goal for maximum benefit

God Think will be on store bookshelves Summer 2017

Other Books in Development by Darrell:

Desk Pets

Unusual pets that you can have at the office to help reduce your stress.

Prayer Construction Manual – Co-authored with Pastor Rick Kasel, a pastor at one of the faster-growing churches in America, Shepherd of the Hills, Porter Ranch, California.

Why We Pray, or not

Interviews with famous and not-so-famous people asking these important questions:

  1. Do you pray?
  2. What causes you to pray?
  3. How do you pray?
  4. How often do you pray?
  5. Why do you pray, or not?