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Archives Bookshop was one of my late Son, Darrell Griffin, Jr’s favorite bookstores.  The Archives Bookshop has been selling academic and theological books for over 25 years. Most of their staff have graduate degrees in theology or a related degree so they are familiar with many theological topics. They stock over 100,000 books for theological, philosophical and ministerial studies. They also have a broad range of academic and popular books outside the field of religion.  Darrell Jr. and I would spend hours at Archives.  We would get there early in the morning and stay until my stomach started growling from missing lunch.  His mom, Kim, knew that when I went with Darrell Jr. to Archives we would be gone for a long time and our wallets would be a lot lighter when we got home. They carry, “Last Journey,” the book written by Darrell Griffin, Sr., and Darrell Griffin, Jr.

Please remember the sacrifices our soldiers have made to protect our freedom.  Freedom is not free.

Archive Bookshop

They are located at their new location of 509 E. Walnut St., Pasadena, CA 91101.  Their phone number is (626) 797-4556