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The Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver.  This is one of my favorite bookstores.  It keeps the independent bookstore spirit alive in Denver.

Tattered Cover Bookstore - Denver

The Tattered Cover Book Store began as a small store with only 950 square feet of retail space and 2 employees in the Cherry Creek North district of Denver, Colorado. It has grown for 40 years into one of the premier bookstores in America with 3 expansive locations in the greater Denver Metro area:

  • Colfax Avenue, south of City Park
  • Historic Lower Downtown, near Union Station
  • Highlands Ranch Town Center, south of C470

Tattered Cover is an indie bookstore with lots of nooks & crannies that offer the intimacy and comfort of smaller bookshops, furnished with lots of sofas, overstuffed chairs, and antique tables for lounging and study; a cafe with free wi-fi; and a world-class newsstand in each location. Tattered Cover bookstores also sell used books, a rapidly growing part of the inventory in addition to new books and bargain editions. Tattered Cover is a Denver institution, a literary landmark, a community gathering place, and an experience you can’t download.

Tattered Cover Store Front

When you walk into one of their bookstores you immediately realize you need to call home and tell you spouse, significant other, kids the dog, that you will not be home for a while.  They make you feel welcome with their plentiful couches and other places to sit. I love this place.

Tattered Cover Couch

You can not get this experience shopping on line.  You have to transport your body there and let Tattered Cover interact with your senses.

Bart’s Books in Ojai, CA. If you was to see California at its best throw your backpack in the back seat and head for Southern, California.  Ojai is a little resort town near Santa Barbara, CA.  You don’t go there if you want an exciting night life or if you want to go clubbing.  BUT, is it an awesome place to go and unwind.  Bart’s Books is just off of the only main street.  It is a HUGE outdoor bookstore.  They claim to be the largest outdoor book store in the world, maybe so.  If you happen to arrive after the store is closed they have a lot of book outside the main gate.  If you find a book you like you just toss the money over the wall. Pretty cool.

Barts Books, really cool outdoor bookstore in Ojai, CA.

Barts Books, really cool outdoor bookstore in Ojai, CA.