About Darrell


Darrell Griffin, Sr. is a Certified Public Accountant, (retired) and received his MBA from California State University, Stanislaus graduating with a 4.00 GPA.  He has been consulting to cannabis companies for over 30 years.  Darrell splits his time between writing narrative non-fiction and being the Chief Financial Officer for Superior Herbal Health dba The Clinik, a fully integrated cannabis company

He is the author of the following books –


God Think – Creative Thinking for Believers

Based on the theory that people who believe in God (however you define God) are better creative thinkers that non-believers.  I happen to be a Christian.  Most faiths believe in God.  So God Think is about believing in God, not in a particular faith.

God Think explores the copyrighted W.R.I.T.E. method of creative thinking”

W – Write down your goal, problem, issue, etc.

R – Research – gather research pertaining to your idea

I –  Ideas – generate lots of ideas about your goal

T – Tailor your list of ideas to mean your goal

E – Energize your goal for maximum benefit

God Think will be on store bookshelves Summer 2017

Last Journey – A Father and Son During Wartime

Editors of Barnes and Noble selected it as one of their 10 best non-fiction books for 2009.

On March 21, 2007, Darrell Sr’s life changed forever.  At about 4:00 pm on that day, he received a call from his wife that their son SSG Darrell, Jr. was killed by a sniper’s bullet while on the way back to his FOB (forward operating base) from a firefight in one of the rougher neighborhoods of Baghdad.

Soon after Darrell Sr’s son was killed in Baghdad, Darrell, Sr. was allowed to embed with his son’s combat unit in Baghdad, to complete the book they had started together. Darrell was able to do this with direct permission from General Petraeus.  At the time Darrell Sr was the only parent allowed to do this in the Middle East.  The back page of the book is written by Senator John McCain.

The Senator writes, “In the terrible upheaval of war, things change.  Darrell Griffin saw war change his son and claim his life, and break the hearts of those who loved him.  Last Journey is a remarkable and very moving account of the loss of his son, a father’s need to understand how and why it happened, and the relationship between a parent and child changed and deepened by war.  Whatever your views about the purpose and conduct of the war in Iraq, this book deserves your attention and the acclaim it will surely receive for its heart rendering testament to the awful wages of war and the invincible devotion of love.”

Darrell, Sr, and Jr loved philosophy.  Their favorite “father-son” activity was to spend hours upon hours discussing their favorite philosophers.  Darrell Sr and Jr were working on a book to reconcile the war in Iraq to the thinking of the great philosophers when Darrell Jr was killed.

It was in September of 2007 Darrell Sr got permission from Congress, the Department of Defense and the Army, and General Petraeus, to go to Baghdad and embed with his son’s combat unit that was still in the battlefield.  While in Baghdad Darrell, Sr. met with his son’s troops and completed the research necessary to complete the book he and his son had planned to write.  Darrell, Sr later met with General Petreaus who agreed to write the forward Last Journey.  The General told Darrell, Sr that he was not aware of any other parent being granted permission to embed with their son’s combat unit.  Once the book was written it proved too controversial for the general to endorse, so Senator John McCain picked up his pen and wrote his feelings for the back of Last Journey.

Business With A Purpose

A 600 page manual for Christians starting, building, managing and protecting a business. Business with a Purpose has been recognized as one of the most important Christian business books recently published by many leaders in the Christian and business community.

Written comments in the book include comments by Dudley Rutherford, the lead pastor for Shepherd of the Hills, Porter Ranch California.  Shepherd is one of the largest and fastest growing evangelical churches in the United States. He writes, “Business With A Purpose is, in essence, a business bible.  And what I mean by that is that it is an extensive, detailed blueprint for starting, running, and owning a successful business based on biblical principles.  It will help you avoid costly mistakes – your time and your resources—of having to go through the learning curve of building a business on your own.  The reader will benefit exponentially from the wisdom that can be gleaned from this book.”

Ron Blue, is one of the most highly recognized and widely published Christian authors in American today, President of Kingdom Advisors, and Chairman of Crown Financial Ministries Board of Directors. He writes, “In my 30 years of experience in starting my own business, as well as counseling others in starting theirs, I would have relished having this book.  Business With a Purpose would have been a reference book, helping me to answer so many questions about where to go and what to do.  This is an extremely useful, practical book for about every entrepreneur who desires to start a business that honors God.  I recommend and endorse with much enthusiasm.”

Trouble Bound

The true story of a kid, Nathan Ybanez, was tried and convicted of murdering his mother, after years of physical, mental and sexual abuse by his mother and father.  He was tried and convicted by our broken juvenile justice legal system.  Erik, a teenage friend who helped him clean up the murder scene was convicted to life in prison without parole. A third friend who also helped clean up the murder scene was let off of two prior criminal convictions and not charged with anything in the Nathan Ybanez case for helping the police “get the goods on Erik Jensen.”  A recent Supreme Court ruling, Jackson/Miller has stated that it is cruel and unusual punishment and unconstitutional to convict juveniles to life in prison without parole.  Nathan and Erik are still in prison while the individual states scramble to comply with the Supreme Court ruling.  They have been serving life without parole for 13 years. See http://www.realjuvenilejustice.com. Darrell has ventured behind the walls of Limon and Sterling State Prisons in Colorado to complete his research for this project.  Trouble Bound will be in bookstores summer of 2013.

Other Books in Development by Darrell:

Desk Pets

Unusual pets that you can have at the office to help reduce your stress.

Prayer Construction Manual – Co-authored with Pastor Rick Kasel, a pastor at one of the faster-growing churches in America, Shepherd of the Hills, Porter Ranch, California.

Why We Pray, or not

Interviews with famous and not-so-famous people asking these important questions:

  1. Do you pray?
  2. What causes you to pray?
  3. How do you pray?
  4. How often do you pray?
  5. Why do you pray, or not?

Accounting and Bookkeeping for the Believer Businesses

Quotations from Alcoholics – How We Stay Sober

Did God Create Dinosaurs – An Alternative View of the Greatness of God

Darrell has recently lectured at:

University of California, Irvine, – Writing books based on war

Shepherd of the Hills Church, Porter Ranch, CA – Starting, managing, building and protecting a business

Shepherd of the Hills Church, Porter Ranch, CA – Veteran’s Day celebration

University of Southern California – Direct Response Marketing

Crown Ministries, Irvine – Starting, managing, building and protecting a business

Financially Free, Barbados – Darrell lectured in Barbados to this group of international businessmen based on his book, “Business With A Purpose.”

Pritzker Military Library, Chicago – Interviewed about “The Last Journey.”

James Jordan Middle School, California – “The Horrors of War.”

Darrell has been written about or appeared on the following media outlets:

New York Times

Publishers Weekly

Fox News

National Public Radio

U.S. and News Reports


Sacramento Bee

Los Angeles Daily News

Barnes and Noble Editors

Navy Times

San Antonio Express

Stockton Record

Marine Corps Times

Stryker Brigade News

  1. Beau says:

    I know it’s been awhile, I read “The Last Journey” once a year to remember Grif. Thank you so much for finishing this book. Reading it helps me through a lot
    Thank you

  2. drwiggins says:

    I love your business and website. What steps can I take to have my two short books, “Top10 Soft Skills You Need,” and “Getting to You-Increasing Your Happiness” submitted on your website?
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Pamela Wiggins, Ed.D.

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